Write a review and enter to win exciting prizes!


Do you use specific tools to analyze your biomedical data? Offer your feedback on the tools we reference and enter to win a set of headphones and gift cards! To participate, all you need to do is provide your opinion on the performance of the tools which you routinely use. The contest is open until the 4 February.

How does the contest work?

  • Sign in to your account (or sign up for free if you aren’t already a member).
  • Locate your favorite tools: use the search engine and filters to rapidly locate your tools.
  • Click on “write a review” to give it a rating and provide your feedback.

Why is your review important?

Reviews offer a double advantage. As a user, you can rapidly identify which tools can optimally fulfil your needs based on other users’ experience. As a reviewer, you can increase the visibility of your skills concerning a specific software and become known in the omics community as a scientific expert in your field.

To be useful, the reviews should discuss elements relative to the tool’s performance, ease of installation, and ease of use.  So make sure you highlight to a maximum the extent of the functionalities and their benefits. Also don’t forget to mention what you consider can be improved – the program developers will appreciate it!

The prize

The winners will be announced on February 2018 by e-mail.

  • 1st prize: headphones (Marshall Major 2 Bluetooth Brown) worth 149,00€ – winner: Amr Galal
  • 2nd and 3rd prizes: a gift card (Amazon card) worth 50,00€ – winners: Raja Ishaq Nabi Khan and Chanan Argov
  • 4th, 5th and 6th prizes: a gift card (Amazon card) worth 30,00€ – winners: Romano Stefano, Sarah Turner and Arup Ghosh

 Prize draw

The prize will be drawn on a semi-random basis. All reviews made throughout the duration of the competition will be entered in the draw. So the more tools you review, the greater your chance of winning!

Review eligibility criteria

The OMICtools team will evaluate all reviews from a quality perspective. Before being entered in the draw, the reviews, which are anonymized throughout the selection phase of the draw, will be classified by order of quality. Only those presenting a true scientific interest for the scientific community will be eligible.

Data storage

The data collected during this contest will be processed to ensure the competition is implemented fairly. Data will be saved in a file from which the competition winners will be identified and contacted. Our marketing team will have the right to exploit the data throughout the duration of the competition. Each participant’s first name and surname will be recorded, along with the tool(s) evaluated, and the content and the date of submission of the review(s). Access to these data is password-protected.

Data will be kept for their scientific value and will be stored on our SI with restricted access (available only to individuals authorized to administer the website). We reserve the right to delete the entire contents of any reviews including any defamatory, racist or xenophobic text. In conformance with the French data protection act (“Informatique et Libertés”), you can exercise your right to access your data, and correct or delete your data by contacting us at the following email address: desfeux.arnaud@omictools.com.

By participating, you agree to the conditions of the game, including our privacy policy.

3 tips to boost your OMICtools profile page


After four years on the road (OMICtools was launched in 2013), it was time to make some changes to our user profile – and a new front-end version has now been implemented! You can customize your profile page quickly and easily, with each section of the profile page re-worked and re-designed to streamline what you want the community to know about you. 

Now’s the time to increase your visibility, and we can help you to succeed

At OMICtools we strive to offer you a better way to identify the right tools for your biomedical data. Today, we are working to make OMICtools the number #1 biomedical community platform, which also allows you to network with your peers, and speed up your scientific career.

When you register with us, a profile page is created and any activity you are involved in on OMICtools will be automatically displayed, highlighting your skills and expertise to establish your scientific reputation. So for example, if your add badges to credit your tasks relating to your tool development project, they will be directly acknowledged in your profile. Likewise, when you bookmark tools and put them into collections, your favorites will automatically appear on your profile and can be seen by other users.

Regardless of the social media platform you’re working with, presence and a personal touch are two keys to success. That’s pretty straightforward to do on Github, ResearchGate or Mendeley – and now it’s also easy to do on OMICtools – an entirely bioinformatics platform.

In short, the more customized your profile page, the greater the extent of your reach. Here are 3 tips to help you to stand out from the crowd.  

1. Complete your professional summary

Your description is the first thing visitors will see. If you want to draw people’s attention to your profile, create a strong presence. Not only will you be more easily seen but other users you interact with will show up in your discussion streams, which will make networking easier for everyone.

We suggest you add a profile picture and your full job title after your username to give yourself a clear brand. We also recommend your professional summary includes a description of what you do and gives an indication of why you’re on OMICtools. Make it easy for the reader – keep it short and direct.

Check out the profile settings located on the menu on the left side of your page to add more content. We recommend that you include:

  • your current position and where it is
  • your work experience and qualifications
  • your social profiles
A screenshot of an edited page

2. Share your work output

OMICtools is a great place to make your projects available openly. You can let your target audience know about your published work in the work experience section, along with a link to your article. Add your ORCID unique researcher identifier to distinguish yourself and your work from that of other researchers. If you don’t already have one, you can register for an ORCID and link it to your profile.

If you’ve participated in tool design, you can add a contributorship badge via the tool site and it will automatically appear in the bioinformatics projects section of your profile – if your tool isn’t already on OMICtools, submit it to the right category and then link it to your profile (and ask us if you need help submitting a tool!).

The list of badges allowing you to credit your expertise for specific tasks in software development (conceptualization, data curation, administration, testing, etc.).

3. Be active

A strong social media presence in the bioinformatics community can serve as an important foundation for your professional success! In June 2016, Kudos and the Altmetrics Research Team at the Centre for HEalthy and Sustainable CitieS (CHESS), and the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore) analyzed user data and found that 51% of registered Kudos users were STEM researchers sharing their work, 29% were social sciences researchers and 8% were humanities researchers. This demonstrates the engagement of STEM researchers, and how they are leading the way in using innovative tools to disseminate their research (from Williams et al., 2017. The new alchemy: Online networking, data sharing and research activity distribution tools for scientists. F1000Research).

Being active on OMICtools is an easy way to reach your target audience. Open discussions in the tools’ forum to solve issues and be recognized as an expert in bioinformatics. Your comments will drive traffic to your profile and your tools.

Rating and reviewing tools is important. Leave relevant reviews on tools in your area of expertise. The bioinformatics audience is influenced by community feedback. The more reviews you post, the better your chances of ranking among the top contributors and appearing at the top of the experts list for your field.


An overview of the interactions you can see on a profile page

Thank you for your continuing support – we hope the new user profile release will contribute to making your experience on OMICtools easier and more effective, so check it out – just login and go to “Edit profile”!

Want to share your thoughts? Offer your feedback. Tell us if you’re satisfied and what you think can be improved.

Job opportunity in scientific writing


omicX is an innovative and dynamic French bioinformatics start-up located in Rouen. We have developed the OMICtools website, a cutting-edge platform with a global reputation, which is used by the biomedical community worldwide. OMICtools is designed to assist researchers and clinicians to identify optimal bioinformatics tools to facilitate their biological analysis. It is based on a collaborative community model, classifying nearly 20,000 bioinformatics tools and bringing together 7,000+ members.

We are actively seeking a scientific writer to strengthen our digital marketing activity and increase OMICtools visibility. Currently in a critical growth phase, we are looking for independent motivated collaborators, with a strong understanding of computational biology and scientific publishing, ready to join us in investing in the future of our project.

Your role as a scientific writer

  • Produce original scientific content to enrich our corporate blog, working within SEO constraints
  • Monitoring the scientific literature to identify bioinformatics trends, emerging topics, keywords and events
  • Expand press releases and guest blogging activity covering your field of writing
  • Participate in editorial conferences

Your profile

  • Experience in creating and publishing (WordPress) of add-valued content to draw the attention of our audience (6,000+ visitors per day) and drive traffic to OMICtools
  • Strong interest in SEO and audience analysis (Google Analytics)
  • Good written communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Rigorous, with close attention to detail and spelling
  • Excellent level of English (written and spoken) and a good level of French (working language)


  • MSc (French “Bac+5”) in biology and/or communication (a double-degree is a plus).
  • Working conditions: temporary contract (French “Contrat à Durée Déterminée”).


24K€ (annual brut) according to your level of experience. The package includes health insurance and educational benefits.


Seine Innopolis, Le Petit Quevilly, Rouen, France.

Our work environment has an impressive concentration of technical and scientific bioinformatics expertise with a lateral communication culture. Interested in joining our young and passionate team? Contact us now!

Please send your CV with a cover letter expressing your interest in this position to recrutement@omictools.com.