omicX raises €2.6 million to upgrade the OMICtools platform

The French startup omicX, creator of the OMICtools platform dedicated to researchers and bioinformaticians, has signed a new €2.6 million fundraising agreement with a Swiss-based private investment bank, Normandie Participations and Bpifrance.


The digital transformation of science has seen breakthrough innovations in biology and technology, generating ever-increasing volumes of data. The development of bioinformatics tools for storing, processing and sharing massive volumes of biological data is the fastest growing field in biomedical sciences.

Democratizing bioinformatics

Arnaud Desfeux, PhD in Neurosciences, founder and CEO of omicX, recognized early the need to make these tools more readily accessible for researchers, as well as the value of an interconnected and accessible community of bioinformaticians, tool developers, and researchers. “In today’s context of an exponential production of these essential research tools, locating, classifying and documenting them in a single location will solve a major challenge for users and experts alike”.

Launched in 2013, OMICtools is a continuously updated database with a proprietary classification designed by the team. It provides a single platform for finding new tools, encourages collaboration and promotes member expertise. In just a few guided clicks, users can find adapted computational answers to their biological questions. As the current leader in the domain of bioinformatics tools and the reference on the international biology scene, it offers more than 22,000 tools and is consulted by 1,300,000 visitors annually from leading universities and institutions worldwide.

Combining artificial intelligence and collective intelligence

After raising €1 million in 2016, omicX will use the €2.6 million round of fundraising from late 2017 to continue expanding the OMICtools platform. Funds will be funneled into creating a unique and innovative feature which provides a logical sequence of tools to answer complex biological questions. The project is based on algorithms fed by machine learning from OMICtools, and fine-tuned by user feedback. “Combining artificial intelligence with collective intelligence, the pipelines project foreshadows the future of omicX as a global bioinformatics leader” affirms Arnaud Desfeux.

Based in Rouen with nearly 30 employees, the company is currently hiring to reinforce its artificial intelligence capabilities to customize tools pathways.

About omicX

Since 2013, omicX, the French start-up founded by Arnaud Desfeux PhD, has been striving to democratize bioinformatics, by offering a practical work environment, dedicated to biological data analysis to assist life scientists identify the optimal tools for exploiting their omics data.

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