Community opinion: optimize your search experience

Firstly, a big thanks to all of you who participated in our survey!

A few weeks ago, we sent out a survey so we can better meet your needs and improve your search experience on OMICtools. Thanks to all of the 78 participants who took part in this survey, your feedback is really important to us.

We are happy to report here the positive results of this survey. All of you were satisfied regarding the relevance of the results you get with the OMICtools search engine, with 59% judging the results as good and 31% as great.

Participants also reported that for 55% of you find the OMICtools search engine and website easy to use and innovative, and 43% consider it satisfactory. Only 2% (1 person) encountered difficulties using it (we are always happy to answer any questions right away about any difficulties you encounter).



We listed six criteria used in our ranking algorithm (see the previous post OMICtools: upgrading your search experience for more details) which we use to define the order the tools appear in your search results, and we asked you to order them by importance. Your ranking from most important to least important (left to right) is:


With tool quality rating being of primary importance for users – make sure you rate any tools you yourself use, so others can benefit from the community’s experience. We also asked you to give your opinion on the choice of our new additional filters:


Your answers have helped us a lot. The new filters are now available!

You can now use them to specify your needs on the category pages and to sort the search engine results by computer skills, operating system (os), programming language, technology and/or software type.

Once again, thanks for completing this survey! Your feedback on filters is always welcome.